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21 Hidden Evil Covenants

A covenant is an agreement between two or more parties to get certain things done on conditional terms. It is a form of agreement that is legally biding on the parties involved. A covenant made in the physical is as strong as the one made in the spiritual. A covenant is undoubtedly serious, particularly when it is made between human beings and unseen evil spirits. The consequences are indescribably terrible. It is possible for a person to accept to go into covenant willingly much as it is possible for others to make covenant making is an undesirable act which after all said and done, leaves a sour taste in the mouth of those involved. The discourse of this bulletin is an in depth analysis of twenty-one hidden covenants in our geographical environment. Before you read further, please consider the following statements from Psalm 18:44-45:

“ As soon as they hear of me, they shall obey me, the strangers shall submit themselves unto me. The strangers shall fade and be afraid out of their close places’

When an evil thing decides to go into hiding, then that thing is afraid of something. They are always afraid to face the challenge of the blood of Jesus. It is not surprising therefore that many people with sicknesses are usually relieved during prayer sessions. Why is this so? The answer is simple. The sicknesses and their demons leave them because they could not face Holy Ghost fire and blood of Jesus. When some people are possessed with evil spirits and go to the Christian gatherings, they usually keep their evil properties on the trees, rooftops etc, only for them to pick them up after the meetings. They are afraid of something. When an evil spirit is challenged to come out of someone, they usually protest and when they see that you are not tolerating their protests they will threaten you. When they find out that you are not afraid of being threatened, then they beg you. All these things should be rejected, whether it is a protest, a threat or an appeal. Hidden evil things thrive on ignorance. That is why the Bible cries out in Hosea 4:6:

“ My people are destroyed because of lack of knowledge”

Hidden curses and hidden covenants are called spiritual bats. Sometimes you might think that you are fighting a bird and suddenly, it presents itself as an animal. People step into covenants in diverse ways, I’ll endeavour to mention some of them here.

  1. The first way is through Parents: Many people have entered into an evil covenants through their parents, while many have inherited evil covenants from their parents. Many parents have dragged their children into bondages by covenanting them to idols.

  2. You can enter into a bad covenant by decision: You may decide to get involved for safety of reasons, so that as soon as you join the secret society you are protected. You may even get contracts and win your case in court. Joining the society then becomes your personal decision. When you look at somebody in the face, and you saying “oh! l love you, oh let us not leave each other, and so let us make a covenant. Thus, you take a blade and cut yourselves. The man will drink his own blood as well as drink the lady’s blood. The lady does the same, even though they are not witches, they have nonetheless entered into covenant, consciously by decision.

  3. The third one is unconscious covenant: Without knowing it, a person may get into a covenant. The Bible considers covenant as a very strong thing such that when God wants to commit Himself to something and He doesn’t want to change His position, He enters into a covenant. A covenant is something looking like an irrevocable commitment and is like a chain biding two people together. The chain would always be dragging the partners along. Covenant may come through inheritance. A parent might have entered into a covenant agreement with some demons for the protection of their children. The covenant would remain a hidden evil to the children involved. An inherited covenant, even though its an unconscious one is as strong as what one entered into by himself. Then the hidden covenant can be further divided into groups.

  4. Entrance into the covenants willingly and

2. Entrance into the covenant unwillingly

Know and be sure in your spirit that people can be forced to do what they don’t want to do. As such, a person could be forced into witchcraft or an evil covenant. That is why the Bible says when thou art strong, then thou shall remove the yoke from off thy neck” If you are not strong, you cannot remove any yoke. If you try to remove them, your enemies will promptly replace them. The truth is that many Christians are completely ignorant of the covenants they have entered into. Please know too that those that are not born again have already entered into covenants with the devil, it is surprising to know that a lot of people who are suffering is as a result of some hidden covenants they entered into. Please know too that those that are not born again are suffering as result of some hidden covenants they entered into somewhere. Sometimes, it is due to some actions you have taken without realizing its implications. Beloved, this is why it is not good for somebody to be forgetting his dreams. Many people pick up their troubles from dreams. Without knowing it, people mistakenly enter into evil covenants. Bad spirits would plan the involvement of the person and before the person realizes it, he or she would have stepped into what he or she did not bargain for. Many families where there are many girls who share under wears, a sister with a terrible covenant can distribute problems to others by initiating them without them knowing it. You may then wish to ask the question that “ how could you know if your own case is due to an hidden covenants somewhere?” A person with hidden covenant will have problems that are resistant to counseling and normal prayers. The problem will be resistant to confessing the Bible, like a man who gets involved in masturbation. Such a person wherever he goes, his covenants with spirit wives are still in place. Constant worry, anxiety, a gloominess and depression hanging around the person are evidence that something is hiding in the corner. Fear at all times, hearing strange voices and occasional madness are all evidences that something is hidden somewhere. Constant harassment in the dream, sleeplessness and regular terrifying dreams are all evidences that something is hiding somewhere. All the addiction to tobacco, to drugs, to food, to gambling, addiction to worldly music etc are signs that something is hiding somewhere. There are some people now although they are born again but anytime they hear the masquerade whistle they are excited. The fact that they remember their village idols is evident that something is hiding somewhere. Many are addicted to Indian and Chinese films. The Indian films represent mermaid dancing and singing and Chinese one is violent spirit fighting. Having all these together with Yoruba films show that something is hiding somewhere. Even if you know everything about religion and there is no reality of God inside of you then something is hiding somewhere. Constant accident, hurting oneself all the time, emotional instability, crying one minute and laughing in the next minute, unreasonable harshness, excessive pride, uncontrollable anger and temper, and constant unforgiving attitude are evidences that something is hiding somewhere. All the lack of submission to the husband by the wife is evident that something is hiding somewhere. Constant financial failure despite the fact that money comes to the hand, inability to concentrate, and unexplainable chains of failure and lack of favour are signs that things are hiding somewhere. Listed below are the 21 Local Hidden Evil Covenants that have turned millions of people into living corpses: -


This is the covenant entered into by the construction of coffin for ritual sacrifice. For many people when coffin is constructed for them something is taken away from their bodies into the coffin after which prompt burial is done. This is called covenant of burial or covenant with death. When a small coffin is constructed for one’s sake, such a person has entered into an evil hidden covenant. Sometimes many people are forced into it. When a person has formed a covenant with the powerful spirits of death and hell, perfect health will be far from such person. What the scripture says about this covenant is very terrible Isaiah 28:15:

“Because ye have said we have made a covenant with death and hell are we at agreement”.

However, God has this to say in verse 18 of the same chapter.

“ And your covenant with death shall be disannulled and your agreement with hell shall not stand”

A person could enter into this kind of spiritual burial covenant through one’s parents. If they feel that the life of their child is not safe, they might do it on behalf of that child. This is where they will mention all the names given to the person on the eight day. The person involved might even have forgotten about these events, but demons don’t have memory failure. They remember everything. It is human beings who will say, “l forgot, Demons never forgotten”


Many bridal requirements take their origin from demonic worship. If you then supply the demonic materials during your marriage, you have entered into hidden covenants. Why does the Yoruba people during marriage ceremony ask for forty-two tubers of yam? Where does the figure forty-two comes from? Why do they ask for Forty-two of a particular type of fish? Why do they ask for forty-two kola nuts, bitter kola or alligator pepper? Why do they pray with wine or alcohol? Even if God were interested in drinking wine or alcohol, would He prefer that they pour the alcohol on the ground? I know that my God would never eat from the ground. However, let us look at the figures deeply: Add 4 and 2 together, they give 6, remember that 666 are the devils’ number. To cap it all, the number 42 was originated from Ifa oracle. If you ever used alligator pepper and some other fetish items during your marriage, then, you and your wife or husband have formed hidden covenant with powerful local spirits. You really must ask for forgiveness and break them right away. Alligator pepper and bitter kola marriages are characterized by disagreement and poverty; pouring of water on the leg of the wife and spreading of wrappers on the ground for the new wife to step on, are demonic covenants, which have to be broken immediately.


The holy Bible records 14 uses of hands. In Genesis 48:14-hands are used to bless the family. In Exodus 17:11-hands are used for prevailing prayer. In Deuteronomy 34:9- hands are used to transfer blessings. In Psalm 134:2 and 14:12- hands are used to worship God. Matthew 19:13 Jesus in his divine wisdom laid hands on his children. In Mark 16:18- hands are laid for healing. In Acts 6:6 hands are laid for ordination in Acts 13:3- hands are laid to wend out missionaries. In Acts 19:6 hands are laid for the infilling power of the power of the Holy Ghost. In Acts 14:3 hands are laid for miracles to happen. Galatians 2:9 talks about offering somebody the right hands of fellowship. In 1 Timothy2:8- hands are used for adoration and worship. In 1Timothy 4:14- hands are laid to impart spiritual gifts. In 11Timothy1: 6- hands are used to stir up gifts. Therefore, laying on of hands is an important doctrine in the Bible. In our local tradition, hands are also laid on people. From these Bible passages, we can see that the Bible’s reasons for laying on of hands is to impart blessings, authority and healing, Holy spirit, spiritual gifts, commission ministers and power. Now, the devil being a clever counterfeit producer has reversed all the issues that we see in the word of God. He is now laying strange hands on people to form covenants with their heads and their lives. This is why the scripture warns that laying on of hands should not be done suddenly, but rather as the spirit of God leads, If the spirit of the person who laid hands on you is not pure (may be the person has evil association or unconfessed sin) then, bad things have been transferred. But if you are the one laying hands and you lack power and lay it on strange heads, bad things will be transferred to you as your hands then become like a water pipe and evil things will start to happen. A friend of mine told me of a preacher who laid hands on somebody and as he did, something moved like a snake, into his hands. When he saw that something was entering his hands, he called the person back and required him to bow down for another prayer. He laid his hand again and prayed that the object should go back, and the snake crawled from the hand of the preacher to the person. If your father is a lodge member or a child of the devil and he was the one who prayed for you on your wedding day, when you are in trouble, the Bible says the prayer of a sinner is an abomination before God. So the lodge man annoys God. If your polygamous father laid hands on you, the anointing to gather women will descend upon you.


The children of the wicked have now shifted their attention to salons. This is the confession some new converts are making now; the evil powers know that most women go to salons and that a good number of them have no fire. Many had been initiated through this way. A newspaper published a story recently that one sister went to the salon; she had already washed her hair, while she sat under the drier with her head resting inside as usual, and she fell into something like a trance. While in the trance, she saw something directly opposite to where she was sitting. A salon attendant who she could not identify was removing rollers from the head of another customer, she saw the customer sitting under the direr removing her hands immediately all the hair on the head turned into snakes. The poor salon attendant who did not have Holy Ghost fire just caressed her hands on the snakes and as she did that, the snakes were passing poisons into her hands. When another customer came in, the attendant touched the head of the woman the poison entered into her head. These are the serpentine snakes passing poisons into people’s heads. Why should somebody submit herself to be used as demonic experimental animal? All the discoveries of the devil are tested on the human body. People who go about with local eyelashes that they bought from the market are just forming covenants with snake spirits.


A large number of people enter into covenants through dreams without knowing. So eating with the dead, swimming in the water, serving people you don’t know, playing with evil snakes, marriage in the spirit world, having sexual intercourse in the dream, and having children that you don’t have physically in the dream are all evil covenants. If you are always staying with your old friends in your dreams, then something is still holding you together with them. If you are always seeing your home or village, something is still holding you back there. If you forget your dreams easily you really need to go and pray so that God will be reminding you, so as to break those things that have been done wrongly in your dreams.


Mary is demonic. It is not Mary people are kneeling down to but a demon called SEMARAMICS. Mary the mother of Jesus never had a hollow around her head, all the Angel worship, incense burning, the candle prayer, special use of psalms, calling the name of Raphael, Ureal or calling Michael to help you are religious covenants. Evil consumption of food everyday in the church i.e. sugar, orange, banana are just express way into covenants. The more you eat the stronger the covenants becomes. Prayer uniform and possession of personal physical altars bring one into covenant with strange religious spirits.


If you must keep any ring in your house, it should only be your wedding ring. Mind how you put it on as they can easily be polluted by demonic powers. I know many sisters who were demonically wedded with physical rings. They found it impossible to get married until the rings were destroyed with the fire of the Holy Ghost.


If a lady finds out that necklaces and bangles are the things that will make her look beautiful, then she must be very ugly. If she is hoping to marry a serious man of God, she must have other thoughts coming, as serious men of God won’t go about looking for women with bangles. A lot of people enter into bondage through all these. Many ladies deceive themselves by pleading the blood of Jesus or anointing the jewelries before they use them. The devil is a legal expert for he will ask why is this part of her uniform? What purpose is it serving?


Anybody who decides to become a spiritual slave is doing it at his/her own risk. All that the deliverance minister will do is to say to the demon come out, you can’t take the deliverance minister to the police station if the demon refuses to come out. A lot of women keep demons in their lives by the jewelries they love so much. That is why Exodus 21:6:

“Then his masters shall bring him to judges and shall bring him to the door or unto the door post and his master shall bore his ear through with an aul and he shall serve him for ever”

As far as Bible is concerned, piercing of ear is an evidence of slavery. To pierce the ear is bad enough not to talk of decorating it.


All the spiritual baths by prophet sand their agents are a corruption of the water baptism instituted in the scripture. If you have taken such baths before now, you have been baptized in opposition to the scripture. You need deliverance.!


Perhaps before you got born again, you posed for countless photographs with your former lover. Both of you took pictures together, but now that you are born again, the picture is no longer in your possession. Since this person still wants you back he can simply go ahead to tie the picture with strings and bury it somewhere. You have thus entered into covenant. It may remain there until Holy Ghost fire falls and destroy the picture, without that it may be difficult for that person to get married.

12. EVIL FAMILY NAME: Ask yourself these questions right now; Does the origin of your family name glorify an idol? As long as you use the name that is glorifying an idol, problems will accumulate in your life. What is the full meaning of the names you have? Don’t you think you should check where Famuyiwa comes from, Sangowanwa or Nwosu, Esubiyi that is the devil hath given birth to this one? Check today to ensure that you do not have an accursed name, family or otherwise.

13. COVENANT OF INCEST: When blood brothers and sisters commit fornication together, they form covenants. If a lady has ever been involved in this type of incest, such a lady would generally end up with a broken home unless she breaks the evil covenant.

14. DEMONIC CONSUMPTION: At traditional naming ceremonies, honey sugar; water, dead rats etc are used. These items lead to demonic covenants and indescribable complications.

15. CHIEFTANCY TITLE RITUALS: The truth is that all chiefs need deliverance, and for a believer to agree to be a chief is a spiritual demotion. The Bible says we are peculiar people we are kings and we are princes. If the people of the world invite you for a chieftaincy title and you accept thereby allowing them to put feather and leaves around your head, then you need deliverance.


A person circumcised in a herbalist’s home may have sexual covenants to break. Such a person might even have caused problems for innocent women he has been having carnal knowledge of.

17. TWINS COVENANT: Some mothers of twins bring their twins into covenants by embarking on demonic prescription of begging people for money and of selling palm-oil, coupled with cooking beans every Friday. All these will put the children into covenants. Some twins usually form covenants with each other and this results into all kinds of trouble. The question is how was that possible? It was possible because they have entered into covenant, through which the strange power entered into them.

18. STRANGE MONEY Your enemies might have been passing strange money to you to help you. Each time you say you are broke, they are always there. Even if you did not know that they were giving you strange money, you have nonetheless formed a covenant of poverty with such a friend. You must withdraw that money right now in the name of Jesus.

19. COVENANT OF DEMONIC PARTIES: Many people throw demonic parties under the disguise of celebrating birthday parties. Many of them celebrate their 40th birthday over and over again. Whatever food items or drinks they serve at the occasion usually become their baits. Many innocent people have entered into covenants without knowing, simply for the fact that they ate at the devils table.

20. COVENANT OF FIRST SEXUAL PARTNER: The first introduction of someone to sex is very important. It is significantly important because the Bible says the two of you shall become one body. When you then join your body to a strange person and he is the first one, and there is blood, you have formed a covenant and it has to be broken. If it is done outside marriage, that means you are going the devil’s way. It is even worse, if the person was raped. Covenants formed from sexual experiences have to be broken.

21. COVENANT OF POLYGAMY AND EVIL PARENTAL ATTACHMENT: Many people who have experienced marital problems many times, usually have polygamous history behind them. This has to be broken, Schoolteachers labour, so that pupils can learn. The people who discovered plane, cars etc suffered before they could accomplish their tasks. For the same reason, Jesus Christ suffered to release us from curses and evil covenants. The reason why this was possible was because of his substitution sacrifice. Jesus decided to become a substitute for the unjust for salvation sake. If you remember the story of Isaac, he was about to be sacrificed to God, then God provided a ram as a substitute. Jesus decided to be a substitute for us so that the evil covenant will have no power over us. That is why the Bible says

“ He who knoweth know sin was made sin for us that we might become righteous in Him”

The book of Isaiah 53:6 says “ All we like sheep have gone astray and the Lord had laid upon him the iniquity of us all.”

Galatians 3:13 tells us that

“Christ had redeemed us from the curse of the law being made a curse fro us”

it is needless to say that good things don’t come easy. Mothers suffer to give birth to children, they also suffer to bring the children up. Christ too suffered that we might enjoy, so because of his substitution, instead of condemnation we have salvation; instead of eternal death, we have eternal life; instead of bondage, we have liberty, instead of the old sinful nature, we have become a new creature and we have become righteous; instead of curses, we inherited blessings; instead of evil covenants, we enter into covenants of blessings with God. It will interest you to know that the devil has a photocopy of all covenants that everybody has made. Only the blood of Jesus can rub off covenants from his own file and that will happen now if you call on Jesus name. What must you do, if you want to be free? I will give you five quick steps

1. You need to repent from whatever sins you have committed consciously or unconsciously, as every sin is done against God. Your ignorance cannot exempt you from repentance, it does not matter whether you are aware or not. It still a sin and you must repent

2. You must renounce all those things you have ever done, give them up. Do it with holy anger!

3. You will then revoke the past covenants you have entered into either you know it or you don’t. Cancel them all in Jesus name.

4. Bind the spirit in charge of evil covenants.

5. Replace curses and covenants with Abraham’s blessings. There must always be a replacement as there is no amount of speaking in tongues, or fasting and prayer or confession that can release the person from under an evil covenant if the person does not follow these steps. Please go into these further serious prayer point. Pray them angrily and violently (Pray the prayer for the week)


  1. I take back all the grounds given to Satan by my ancestors in the name of Jesus.

  2. I curse you spirit enforcing evil covenants in my life and l command you to release me in Jesus name (When you have said it three times, begin to say release me in the name of Jesus Christ)

  3. Let everything that has been transferred into my life, be demonic laying on of hands, loose its hold right now in the name of Jesus.

  4. Let every serpentine poison that has been passed into my life, get out now in the name of Jesus (l flush you out with the blood of Jesus)

  5. Let fire fall on every spirit of death and hell, fashioned against my life in Jesus name.

  6. I break the head and crush the tail of every serpentine spirit in Jesus name.

  7. Let the spiritual bat and spiritual lizards that have been introduced into my life receive the fire of God.

  8. Let the sword of fire begin to cut off every evil parental attachment in the mighty name of Jesus.

  9. Father Lord reveal to me any hidden covenant that the devil might have arranged against me.

  10. Every tree that the father did not plant in my life be uprooted in the name of Jesus.

  11. Father Lord, l electrify the ground of this place now and let every covenant with the feet begin to shatter in the name of Jesus.

  12. Let every hidden covenant break in the mighty name of Jesus!


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