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No more Miracles, Signs & Wonders Why? 1

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No More Miracles Signs & Wonders Why?


To reveal the WORD and enhance the fulfilment of your DESTINY in Christ Jesus

Memory verse:

Isa 8:18 Behold I and the children whom the lord have given me are for signs and wonders in Israel from the LORD of host, which dwell in Mount Zion


Why does it seem that miracles signs and wonders are so scares these days? Has God forgotten us or abandoned us in our ways? Have we moved away from God? Some people even say that the times of Signs and wonders have passed on with the Apostles. Is this true? In the bible we see so many things happen miraculously on a regular basis with Moses splitting the Red Sea, Water from the Rock, Daniel in the den of Lions, Jesus in multiple miracles, Elisha doing wonders etc. Infact we hardly hear of miracles in this time of technology and when we do, it is questioned, criticised and explained off as science, luck or chance. What could be the reason for this scarcity of the miraculous in the lives of the children of God? The word says “I and my children are for signs and wonders” where are the wonders? So where are the miracles then?


  1. Why do you think there is a shortage of miracles in the lives of Christians?

  2. Are we that bad that God cannot hear us anymore?

  3. What is the role of Technology in our lives, Internet, TV, Radio, Computer games, Gym, Amusement parks, Holidays?

  4. What are the priorities of our lives these days? Is it attending church or having a deep personal relationship with God

  5. Are we spending too much time on other things and not focusing on the almighty?

  6. Have we taken God for granted and he has abandoned us?

  7. Are we focusing on our problems rather than our relationship with God?

  8. What did the bible people do that we are not doing now?

  9. What did the bible people avoid that we are doing now?

  10. What can we do to bring back the miraculous into our lives because this is what the world is waiting for to encourage them to come to Christ

  11. What am I going to do to change this situation and command the miraculous into manifestation so that we will not just be playing church but have life and power

Think about this!

If I go to a hospital and start healing everyone, would the name of God not be glorified? If the church is rich and giving out money in these days of economic crunch, would people not rush into the church?

In conclusion:

The question “Am I fulfilling my responsibility as a Christian to bring the miraculous into manifestation?

Next Week

We will continue the discussion?


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